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[Tokyo Powder] ASTORO

[Tokyo Powder] ASTORO

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Unlike general chalk balls, it is used as a base without being placed in a chalk bag. Use the package as it is or prepare a special chalk bag. All you have to do is to use your hands.

【Example of use】
・Climb only with ASTRO (no choke)
・Put ASTRO on your hands and put on BLACK after you feel some friction effect on your hands.
- Put on ASTRO, put on BOOST, put on powdered chalk.
There are many ways to use it, so please try to find the one that suits you best.

By using ASTRO BALL as a base material before applying chalk, you can climb in the best conditions even in hot and humid conditions. The ball fabric itself is specially processed to increase finger friction when touched. The contents contain a variation of BLACK. This fabric is mixed with the chalk inside to give you the best climbing conditions even in bad weather conditions. Whether it's the rainy season or summer, it's like winter. The true mystery of the universe.
Both have the same effect, but the big one has a larger fabric, so it will last longer. After the effect is gone, please use it as a normal chalk ball.
ASTRO is packed in a vacuum pack to increase the density of particles. Due to its nature, air may enter after a few months and the vacuum state may not be maintained, but there is no problem with quality.
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